It was our birthday yesterday. The lazy humans were working in the garden and refused to help us with a birthday post.

We had a very nice day though. The sun was shining and we were outside enjoying it. Spring is finally here.

In our mailbox was a very nice card with singing cats on it. And when the humans helped us open it, it sang a birthday song. We really liked that.

Being eleven years has it’s advantages. It seems the humans have finally given up trying to get us to behave. So when we jump onto tables or paw at them while they eat they just sigh – and look at Georgie who’s 3 years old and ridiculously well behaved. Goody Two-Shoes.

Here are some pictures of us (and one with Georgie in it so he doesn’t feel left out).

Cliff's nose

Cliff’s nose

Olivia and Georgie

Olivia and Georgie in the kitchen catching some sun

Olvia on desk

Olivia on the desk under the lamp (where it is nice and hot)

Cliff posing

Cliff posing for the camera. Next time his ears will be in the picture too.

Cliff sleeping

Cliff sleeping

Olivia's tongue

Olivia not sleeping

Have a nice day!


Cliff & Olivia


This post is dedicated to our beautiful and funny sister/aunt…

Here she is napping on the table (it got too hot for her by the fire)…

Olivia still lebendBut she always keeps an eye on us. Around here we call it fox napping…


Happy Holidays from all of us!


Cliff & Georgie

The Boys Are Back In Town

This is Olivia writing. Just wanted to post some resent pictures of the two tuxie boys in our house.

First Cliff, my brother. Ten years old.

CliffAnd here’s the youngest, Georgie, my nephew. Two years old and all grown up.

GeorgieThey can be a handful, let me tell you. But most of the time they are really sweet and fun to live with.



P.s. Take a look at these pawprints in the snow. We found them in our garden. Clearly someone has been snooping around while we were away… we suspect Miffy.



While we’re waiting for the light to return outside we’re enjoying the extra lights the Humans are providing for us inside.


Cliff and Olivia in the window (we let the Humans play with their toys on this one – and maybe they went a bit over board)

But we think this time they’ve gone too far! Why on earth would they want lights under the bed? Really?! Did they think we were going to start dancing under there?

Georgie under the bed


Cliff, Olivia & Georgie

Winter Greetings From Cliff

Winter has arrived. There’s snow and it’s cold outside. I’m on my way out to investigate.

At this time of year there’s only daylight for about six hours, so it’s important to find things to do inside. Georgie likes playing hide and seek.

I like hanging out with the Humans.

Olivia is keeping an eye on the garden from our perch.

Here’s Olivia and Georgie.

Winter purrs from Cliff

P.s. We’ve been blogging for over four years now and since our site was destroyed we’ve decided it’s time for a new look. It’s not all finished yet (and we still need to restore a lot of posts) but we hope you like it anyway.

We were hacked

Not only did we have to put up with the Humans not blogging and not helping us visiting our friends, but they also managed to get our site hacked.

As you can see, the site is sort-of up and running again, but there is a lot of missing pictures and other stuff.

We’ve ganged up on the humans and we’ll be on their backs (literally and figuratively) until things are in order again. And we’ll make sure they help us visit our friends – and perhaps finds us some new ones.

While the Humans toil, here are some pictures of us.

Cliff, Olivia and Georgie

Cliff and Georgie in the window sill

Georgie being cute and playful under the bed

Georgie catching a ray of sunshine

Georgie and Cliff lounging in bed. Humans: We like the bed this way. Please don’t make it all tidy all the time.

Olivia enjoying the sun at the Summerhouse

Georgie with an orange moose. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Under the duvet. Like it here.

Cliff and Olivia on the bed. We seem to be on the bed a lot in these dark, cold months.

Georgie in the shrubbery at the Summerhouse

Two Years Old Today

Georgie is two years today.

Birthday Boy

We’ve put together pictures of some of his finest moments so far. Happy birthday, Georgie. We love you.

Cliff, Olivia & The Humans

Visiting us for the first time, exactly two years minus one day ago

Tiny Kitten


When he moved in – and still was a bit scared of Cliff

When he discovered climbing the roof was fun

Sniffing a sunflower pod in the garden

Drinking from the bird bath – and having a paw wash at the same time

Resting on the Woman

All grown up…

Things To Do On A (very) Hot Summer Day

Finally it’s proper summer here and we thought we’d post a few ideas as to what you can do on a summer day.

First of all it’s always nice to chill with your best friend (Cliff and Georgie)…

But naturally you can chill – and look cute – all by yourself (Olivia)…

You can sleep in the shade of the apple tree in the front yard (Georgie)…

Here’s a close-up (the Woman says this is actually how she found him out there) …

If it’s really really hot, you can relax inside where it’s much cooler (Cliff)…

You can hang out with a friend in the shade like Georgie and Muddi. (Muddi is a once feral cat, who started hanging around in our neighbourhood a few years ago. He looked like he was in bad shape. But he was lucky. He got adopted by some of our neighbours. They took him to the vet and he got a clean bill of health, had his shots and was neutered. He is now a cute, cuddly and very friendly cat, who everybody likes)

And finally of course, you can just sit in your own garden and look very serious…

Sunshine from Cliff, Olivia & Georgie

Birthday and Sunshine

We’re teen years old today and you can tell we’ve been good all year because the sun is shining from a clear sky. Olivia is in the garden…

Cliff on the terrasse…

And birthday flowers in the garden…

We’ve been promised extra treats today… schrimps :-) Life is great.

Cliff & Olivia

P.s. A small birthday gift from us: Georgie with his very first mouse. He caught it a few days ago all by himself…

Lazy Monday With Georgie

Cliff and Olivia have very kindly let me borrow their blog to write a bit about me…

Before we moved house, the Humans thought that maybe life in a flat wasn’t suited for me. They say I was sad a lot when we were there – and sometimes did things I wasn’t supposed to (like eating potted plants and teasing and chasing Olivia). The Humans even (with heavy hearts) went as far as to find a new possible home for me where I would be able to have a life outside and run free. But as it turned out, it was the flat and not me that was wrong :-) I’m very happy in our new place. No more eating plants and chasing and teasing Olivia. The Humans say I’m the goody two-shoes of the family now.

When we’re at the Summer House I’m allowed into the big garden. I could go through the fence, but I don’t. Why should I? I’ve got all i need inside. Like nice feathers…

and lots of space to do what I want…

In the back corner of the garden i have a secret hideout under a pile of branches where I go to take naps. When the Humans call for me, I come as fast as I can – unless I’m asleep, then it might take a while.

It’s rainy and cold today, so I’m having a lazy mondag in the flat, but I hope sping returns soon. Then I’ll be back with more pictures from the garden.

:-) Georgie