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Okemo is home to the best super pipe in Vermont. Take your terrain park skiing and snowboarding to the next level on one of Okemo’s newest innovative terrain park features.

Terrain Parks Report

We’re continuously re-imagining the way we design our parks, and the way you access them. Don’t miss all of the new opportunities to advance your skills and work your way up.

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More Safety Information

  • Know your limits and ability level and select appropriate terrain for YOU.
  • Know the intended use of the terrain you have chosen. Some features are intended to be used in a series with no stopping. Others individually with stopping areas. Don't know? Ask.
  • Your actions can take you out of balance and cause serious injury, no matter how the feature is designed or where you land. Land on your feet.
  • Transitions are changes in the shape and pitch of the snow or feature, or changes from one type of sliding surface to another. They can be gentle or abrupt and demand that users be alert and respond with accurate movements.
  • Know where to land. The SWEET SPOT is between the "knuckle" and the center of the landing zone.
  • Inverted maneuvers are not recommended at Okemo.
  • Be aware that features change constantly.
  • Read and obey all signs, instructions and warnings.

Learn How to Ski or Ride the Parks

Not familiar with how to use terrain parks, or want to make sure you're doing it right? Terrain parks require certain knowledge beyond just basic skiing or riding. Okemo encourages you to contact the Okemo Ski + Ride School and arrange a lesson specific to terrain parks. Private and group lessons available.

Embark on your terrain park mission!

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